Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Underground Prison

My Warriors story is too long to post so look over there *points to right of screen*. The story be called 'Underground Prison' DUNDUN DUUUUNNNN
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It seems that I haven't posted any warriors stories. Which is odd considering how that is my favorite genre to write. I will post one soon, I'm working on one right now actually...
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Adlanniel and The Weapon of Dragons

Warm, breezy, summer air whistled against the scales of a pure white dragon. White was a rare color especially for dragons. It was time for the meeting of the dragons or loke omenta. The few dragons left in the world met, to breed, to discuss, to plan. Adlanniel was this dragon name, a pure and thoughtful name given to her by her grandmother. It meant ascender, a well thought through name for this now soaring female.
Voices of other dragons rang through the air as Adlanniel dived down to land on warm earth. Colors filled in all around her, differences in shade and scale all together brought curiosity to the young female. Perhaps she should soon be traveling with a few of the vibrant youngsters or some wise elders. All she knew was she was meeting her family here and they said they had a surprise.
Adlanniel's entire family consisted of herself, her sister, and her father. They were all that were left. It seemed this gathering held about seventy full grown dragons, nine fresh from the egg, and four other adolescent ones like her.
A specifically large, purple, male dragon stood on a boulder staring down at the others coming to sit with one another.
"A problem has sprouted among us. Men, men have begun taking over our world. They capture us, skin us, and raise our hatchlings in captivity." the purple dragon roared angrily.
Wails, hisses, and snorting sounded with the listeners as they agreed. Adlanniel nodded in remorse she only hoped she could help somehow.
"I, Alyamildur, propose that some dragons should form a team and go to the tinta laide. The sparkle meadow where the wise old dragon queen lays. She spoke in riddles but I know that if we ever needed help she would leave a solution behind." he spoke sternly.
"But you forget the meadow is also where the most powerful dragons were born, the meadow is protected by elves and dwarves. I doubt they would let us in. Too many dragons have gone astray and became dark ones. The Elves are friend to dragon but I do not think they would let anyone pass to the ancient birthing ground" a old and frail copper female said stepping forward to talk since into Alyamildur.
"Do not doubt me; I've heard she left behind a scroll. A scroll which would direct those willing to a weapon to use against men. Who will go on this mission? I cannot for I must protect my eggs" Alyamildur asked.
A male around Adlanniel's age looked nervously at the larger dragon but came to stand in front of him. "I will" he gulped.
"What is your name youngling?" Alyamildur inquired.
"I am Migildur. I will protect the future generations by serving this great honor."
"And you will be honored Migildur. Any others?"
Adlanniel closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to convince herself. They had no need for her. Yet she found herself before the great purple male. "I am Adlanniel. I will serve my ancestors and the future generations by helping" she sighed surprising herself.

Neglecting and Dragons

I've been neglecting my blog recently... I suppose because I forgot my password. Haha, silly me. Well, I'm back and my password is new and redy for more blogging. Oh, I'm expirementing with new fonts as well. I think I'm going to post the beginning of a story I worked on for about two days. I have a problem with finishing stories as you will probably tell as i post more of my writings. This particular tale is about Adlanniel, a rare white dragon. As you can tell, I'm a slow writer. I'll post it as soon as I can. For some reason it won't let me post it...

Monday, June 14, 2010

The beginning

It is the beginning, the beginning of my website. Here I shall post stories, rants, and whatever goes through my mind. I most likely will not recieve any comments to these posts or have any viewers but in a way this site will make me feel good about myself and people will be able to see what I write in my free time. I'm completely new to this. What will happen with it? No one knows.